Writing About the West

1990 Photo.

The year I arrived in


Full moon shines on the Three Sisters

  Monument Valley Tribal Park, Navajo Nation, Utah

Photo by Patricia Grady Cox

Welcome to my web page!

   My writing aspirations began at the age of ten when I read The Diary of Anne Frank and began keeping my own

daily records. I had a wonderful teacher in the 7th grade who encouraged writing. His encouragement resulted

in my first novel attempt: one chapter a week, involving aliens and shoot-outs. It remains unfinished. 

     A fascination with the old west dominated most of my childhood, along with a strong urge to wander. I had scrapbooks filled with pictures of horses I'd clipped from magazines, along with my own "artistic" renderings. I sent away for maps and tourist information on every state west of the Mississippi. Finally, as a second chapter to my life,

I left Rhode Island and headed for the wide open spaces of the west. I landed in Arizona. And here I remain.

   Since retiring as a Public Affairs Officer for a federal agency in Arizona, I know have the privelege of writing novels 

full time. I consider this the third chapter of my life. I don't know how many chapters are left - if it's anything like my novels, they will just keep increasing!

   Previous writing includes published nonfiction in magazine and newspapers and book-length ghostwritten memoirs.

   I also researched, wrote and published a guide book for the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum, located north of

Phoenix, Arizona, where I volunteered as a docent, portraying an 1800s ranch woman for several years.

   As for my fiction writing, I've won a few contests for novel chapters and short stories. I'm very proud to have my first novel, CHASM CREEK, chosen as a finalist in historical fiction by the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. And equally proud to anticipate the publication in April 2018 of my second novel, HELLGATE, by Five Star Publishing.

    I believe the experience of immersing myself in the 19th century, my love for the desert southwest and my interest in Arizona history, bring authenticity to my fiction writing set in the 1880s. My hope is that readers will be transported to another time and place, and they will become as emotionally involved with my characters as I am.

   I am a member of Western Writers of America and Women Writing the West.